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Tristan Salem

Nature’s Best Hope

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Nature’s Best Hope: The Essential Guide on How to Go Green. Discover Practices That Will Help You Protect Mother Earth

Reports on global warming and climate change seem to be everywhere and people are starting to get alarmed. However, the publication of these reports may be a good thing since it presents that there is awareness of this particular problem. As a response, people want to find ways on how they can help mother earth. One of the ways to do it is by going green. But what does it mean to go green?

This audiobook will educate you on the basics of going green so you can do your part in helping the environment. You will learn what are the current problems our world is facing now and what part you can take to help solve them.

This audiobook will discuss the following topics:

- What Does It Mean To Go Green?

- The Issues We Face With Global Warming

- The Issues We Face With Natural Resources Today

- The Issues We Face on Waste/Trash Today

- The Issues We Face on Our Food Today

- The Issues We Face With Air and Water Quality

- The Legacy We are Leaving for Future Generations

- Developing a New Relationship with Mother Earth

- The Benefits of Going Green for the Earth and Our Wallets

- And many more!

Our planet is facing different environmental issues and these have a significant impact in our daily lives. If you want to learn more, scroll up and click “add to cart” now!

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