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Nora Fozard

Strength To Conceive

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Have you given up your dreams?

You were made to dream big! No matter what shut you down – discouraging parents or distressing circumstances -- the vision you were made for is still alive in God’s mind, and God wants to help you bring those promises back to life.

Part memoir, part practical guide, this inspirational book shares Spirit-filled lessons from a Christian wife and mother of eight who rediscovered hope in Jesus after nearly destroying her marriage and family. Today, she and her husband are church leaders whose children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren join them in their life of faith.

You’ll learn how tests and trials can help you activate the growth of God’s seed of faith. You’ll find tools to build a solid spiritual foundation. You’ll learn how to create the life habits that God tells us to add to our faith: virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience and godliness.

Faith is a gift from God, Mrs. Fozard writes, but it accomplishes nothing without our hard work to patiently help it grow. And when our faithful efforts seem to go unfulfilled … just watch God! Maybe the strength built in those diligent efforts has prepared us for something as unexpected as what happened to the very ambitious – but short -- high school basketball player she describes.

Stories from the Fozard family will encourage mothers and fathers in their own Godly parenting. Guidance from their experience and the Bible will help parents learn ways to protect children from phony faith that would lead to spiritual catastrophe. Bible-based prayers in each chapter stabilize the foundational lessons this book offers for a

Whether your dream is enough money, a godly marriage, a happy family, a solid future for your children, or a secure place in your community, here’s the strength to conceive it.
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