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Seton During

Combatting Wastefulness & Covid-19 Etc.

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This book is dedicated to ethical taxpayers worldwide, as well as others struggling with inevitable and unavoidable or inescapable bills and invoices - in the domestic, public, private, voluntary. and foreign organisations world-wide to maximise "reach".
It concentrates on errors of omission and commission to highlight, create, and confirm awareness and motivate corrections with strategies, policies, and practices for stopping their recurrences.
This book is itself more a gem of everlasting investment than an item of expenditure - the author's unique and relevant education, skills, knowledge and hands-on experiences as an 84-year old ex-sailing chief engineer on various ocean-going ships and departmental professional head of operational maintenance managements ashore equip him with attributes empowering him to write such a book for your benefit.
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