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Rasmus Thirup Beck,Thomas Hebsgaard,Mads Nyvold

If We Act Now - the surprisingly simple steps we can take to avoid the worst of climate crisis

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Join us on a journey around the globe and meet the enthusiasts, technologies, and decision-makers that are proving that humans are indeed capable of saving us from ourselves.

The challenges may be great, but there are a number of opportunities to stall climate change – perhaps even reverse it. This book offers a glimpse of how to do just that. It will explain how we can equip ourselves with food, clothing, shelter, energy, transport and all in all live good lives without negatively impacting the planet we live on.

‘If We Act Now’ tells us about the barriers to action and how we can overcome them. About those who have led the way - and about how we can all play an important role in the great green transition desperately needed.

Written by the Danish independent media, Zetland, and supported financially by Climate Planet Foundation, this optimistic, enlightening and deeply profound book takes the reader on a journey around the world to provide insight into existing solutions to the climate crisis.

‘If We Act Now’ is the ideal read for those interested in learning more about climate change and what we can do about it. Perfect for those who were gripped by Greta Thunberg's ´The Climate Book´ and want to know more.

The three authors from Zetland - Rasmus Thirup Beck, Mads Nyvold, and Thomas Hebsgaard - have over 20 years of combined experience writing and reporting on climate and energy issues.

Rasmus Thirup Beck (born 1978) has been covering climate since 2008, in both writing and audio and is always focusing on the human stories that lie at the centre. His work has gone through quite the evolution – from reporting on issues and their consequences to writing almost exclusively about solutions. Beck has freelanced for Zetland for four years.

Thomas Hebsgaard (born 1982) covers climate and energy for Zetland. He has wide experience in hard-hitting topics focusing on societal and global issues. Hebsgaard was practically brought up within the renewable energy industry through his father’s co-ownership of a 95 kilowatt Bonus wind turbine called Sleipner.

Mads Nyvold (born 1980) once aspired to become an analyst in the mining or oil industries, but that plan was redirected when he became aware of the movement to green energy. Nyvold has previously written for Zetland on resources and climate from the impractical to the global and political perspective.
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