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R.L. Gemeinhardt

Making a Stock and Other Activities for a Healthy Life and Save the Planet at the Same Time

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Making A Stock And Other Activities For A Healthy Life And Save The Planet At The Same Time presents you some great activities you can do to eat healthy by growing your own vegetables, making a great stock from leftover vegetables and much more. Activities include little and big things you can do yourself or with your family to help save the planet.
Environmental issues affect us all, regardless of our location, age, class, or lifestyle. More importantly, they serve as a call to action that doesn’t just save money, but also gets kids involved and can even help inspire family and friends to find their own path to sustainable living that reduces the damage of modern life on the planet.
This book has just some of all the countless opportunities to conserve, recycle, and expand our positive impact exponentially by sharing methods that work.
So if you want to know what you can do to save the world, in baby steps or big strides, read on for ways to change your life and, through that, the planet’s. Even if you’re not yet ready for a deep dive into recycling and conservation, a realistic approach that eases change into your routine is an excellent start.
The first step is getting informed. Then, whatever you do, JUST DO SOMETHING!!!
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Author's Republic
Trevor Ohara
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