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Esther Miller

The Montessori Toddler

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Are confusion and lack of knowledge stopping you from bringing Montessori into your home?Let me guess...
- You don't know where to start.
- You're finding it all a bit hard to understand.
- And your just way too busy to learn everything you need to know to start implementing Montessori at home.
This book is for parents, grandparents, babysitting aunts and uncles and simply everybody looking for the answers about how to be the best guides for the children in their environment
- 90 % of the capacity of the human brain is developed during the first five years
- 6 years During the first six years of life the child‘s personality is formed. It is the personality that the child carries until his adulthood
- 2 x The brain of a four-year old is twice as active as the brain of an adult
- But how to develop this enormous potential, which is hidden in the pre-school years?
- How to support his curiosity and love for learning and discovering life around us?
- And how can we, adults, grow together with our children too?
Montessori doesn't have to be so complicated. Once you understand the method you can help your child achieve:
- Independence and confidence that will last a lifetime.
- An "out of the box" way of thinking.
- And a lifelong love of learning.
This book will help you to better understand Montessori at your own pace. Giving you the chance to grow independence, confidence and a lifelong love of learning in your child.
This is NOT a homeschooling curriculum. This book teaches a Montessori lifestyle — every moment thereafter will be a natural “homeschooling” process in your child’s daily life. So join me in this adventure and enroll in my book today!
Gabriele Di Dio
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