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Michele E. Gwynn

Camael's Gift

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If he chooses her, he’ll be damned for eternity.From the moment the archangel Camael set eyes upon Hannah Adams, his heart was forever hers. For Cam, there was never any other choice. He would defy heaven itself, fall from His grace and accept becoming one of the Dark Ones, all for one sweet moment with the human woman. But he’s not the only one who wants her. The Fallen have targeted Hannah as well. Plotting to obtain the key to free Lucifer from the pit of a thousand years, a Dark One makes himself known to the young, grieving mother. Her life now in peril, Camael finds himself ordered to protect her at all costs to save mankind and prevent the Fallen from unleashing Hell on Earth.

"This is a great story and I cant wait to read more!" ~ Ashley Hedden"Ms. Gwynn has created an intriguing premise for what looks to be an epic series...It will be interesting to see what happens next." ~ JH"I simply loved this book. New idea, great job! " ~ TcarleSweet Romance/Fantasy; 16+
Michele E. Gwynn
Paul Stefano


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