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Caesar J Piccs

Dudu saves Kuluki Forest

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Dudu bear and his educational and inspiring bedtime stories are a must have books for children and parents to help kids (and adults) to understand how important it is to protect the environment and ecosystem balance and respect the rules of civil coexistence.

Charming tales for bedtime

Dudu stories are about values, morals, and the purpose of living life told through bright and attractive illustrations. Suitable for reading both bedtime and during the day, ideal as a read aloud books for preschoolers or a self-read books for older children because will keep kids turning the pages.

A story for brave kids like Kiki

This story is suitable for brave little kids like Kiki who helps Dudu save the Kuluki Forest from those who want to destroy the environment for a no longer sustainable development. From those who think to money and power and forget to give a better future to their children. Because kids need more nature and less malls

Why read Dudu stories

An inspirational and charming bedtime story

Teaches children the importance of protect environment

Inspires respect for rules

Teaches the value of helping others
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