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Tom Regan

The Case for Animal Rights

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When The Case for Animal Rights was published in 1983 it rapidly became an acknowledged classic of moral philosophy, and its author, Tom Regan (1938–2017), was recognized as an intellectual leader within the animal rights movement. Twenty years later, Case was reissued with a new and fully considered preface, in which Regan responded to his critics and defended the book's revolutionary position. Now, forty years after its original publication, this foundational text is available as an audiobook. In addition to the complete text of the revised 2002 edition, the audiobook includes a recording made by Tom Regan in 2001, in which he reflects on why he wrote The Case for Animal Rights, how it compares with Peter Singer's Animal Liberation, and how his thinking evolved as he was writing the book. The audiobook also features an essay by philosopher Gary Comstock on Tom Regan's contribution to, and place within, the history of thinking about our obligations to nonhuman animals over the last half-century.
The audiobook of The Case for Animal Rights is a production of the Culture & Animals Foundation, a nonprofit co-founded by Tom Regan in 1985. Both the book and the e-book of Case are available from the University of California Press.
"Unquestionably the best work yet to appear in its field, surpassing even Peter Singer's famous Animal Liberation in originality, thoroughness, and rigor."—Choice
"The Case for Animal Rights is beyond question the most important philosophical contribution to animal rights and is a major work in moral philosophy."—Animal Law Review
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