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Santa Claus

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Do you love Santa Claus?
If you’re like most people, you probably do because Santa Claus is the face of Christmas for many of us.
Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus came to be?
Would you like to know more about Santa Claus?

If so, this is the book for you.
Christmas is arguably the most popular and loved holiday. It is often a time of reunion for many families, a time to relive old memories and create new ones.
Yet, as the culture around the holiday changes, the Legend of Santa Claus is the one thing that has remained constant.
There is no doubt that Santa Claus is the face of Christmas. With a thick white beard and a red and white suit, the man riding a sleigh pulled by reindeers has become the embodiment of the Christmas spirit. Yet, how he came to be is a mystery to many.

If you have always asked yourself the following questions:
Who is Santa Claus?How did Santa Claus come to be?What is the history behind Santa Claus?From where did the legend of Santa Claus come?And many more,
This book will cover:
The myths and legends surrounding Santa Claus.The origins of Santa Claus as father ChristmasHow Santa Claus has evolved over the yearsAnd so much, much more!
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