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J.C. Jeremy Hobson

A Practical Guide To Modern Gamekeeping

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I know of no gamekeepers who are not countrymen to their fingertips. They observe, they consider, they cherish and they do more than most to look after out woodlands and hedgerows, our moorlands and fens. Theirs is not an easy job, out in all weathers and misunderstood by many townies who are further removed from the countryside and its workings than they have ever been, thanks to increasing technology which keeps them housebound. They need never go out if they so choose, remaining glued to the screen of a mobile phone, a computer or a television. But those who do realise that the intervention of man need not always be irresponsible and thoughtless can see just what benefits can accrue from the wise management of our natural resources, and Jeremy Hobson does much in this book to apprise us all of the modern approach to keepering, from raising birds and habitat management to choosing coats and boots and training dogs. It is all here, and a fascinating read it is; both for those in the know and those who are curious to learn all about it.
Alan Titchmarsh MBE, VMH, DL.
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