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Conley,I. Mejia

21 Mistakes of Modern Day Parents and How to Avoid Them

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Raising school-age children is becoming increasingly difficult. The prevalence of the internet, smart phones, computers, social media, and technology has changed the parenting landscape.
The 21 Mistakes of Modern Day Parents is a thought-provoking and practical parenting book aimed at helping parents navigate this new landscape. The book provides parenting advice on a number of different issues and provides new insights in to raising children in the 21st century.
This book focuses on parents as teachers of their children, whether toddlers or teenagers, and provides alternatives to helicopter parenting through more positive parenting strategies. Great for parents old and young, single parents, new parents, and anyone concerned about bad parenting in the modern world.
Topics covered include:
Developing a Nurturing EnvironmentHow to Build VirtuesCorrecting with AffectionMaking the Most of Meal TimesGiving Permission to FailSafely Encouraging Resilience in Your Child
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