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Susan R Brooks

Teenagers Driving You Crazy? Struggle No More! Make Parenting Simple And Enjoyable Again

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If you’ve been looking for a book that will provide you with compelling methods that will make these teenage years easier while also prioritizing your mental health, then keep reading—you’ve found the perfect book!
Are you a parent overwhelmed by raising a teenager during these challenging times?
Studies show that 75% of parents believe the adolescent years are the most challenging times to raise a teenager (Winter, 2022). Most parents feel unprepared for the mood swings, the unique social challenges their children go through, and the changes in behavior that threaten their bond. Does this sound familiar?
Just like you, Susan R. Brooks is a mom who has raised teenagers. Her passion for helping people solve their parenting problems has enabled them to have healthy relationships with their children. Now, she is bringing you this easy-to-read guide filled with practical techniques that will ensure that you achieve the same for yourself and your children, too. Are you ready to learn how?
Inside, you’ll uncover:
●     An all-inclusive introduction to the sacred duty of parenting, your five parental duties, and what to expect when raising a teenager.
●     How you can help your teenager manage their anxiety, difficult emotions, or impulsive behavior.
●     Compelling parenting strategies you can start implementing right now to successfully raise your teen well and set boundaries while also being able to manage your life.
Whether you’re an exhausted parent or stepparent, you’re finally going to be able to handle this testing period in your life. No more feeling frustrated, fighting with your teenager, or being unable to guide your children.
Are you ready to embrace parenthood even in challenging times? Then grab a copy today!
Susan R Brooks
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