Derek Doepker

Break Through Your BS

Tired of Bullshit Holding You Back from the Greatness You Deserve?
Whether it's bullshit excuses, limiting belief systems, or the hidden blind spots created by a biased brain keeping you stuck in mediocrity, the barrier of BS is the reason the current reality of your life pales in comparison to the potential possibility of the greatness you were made for.
Part poetry, part smart-ass humor, and a heavy dose of practical empowerment, Break Through Your BS is the sobering slap across the face and the compassionate kick in the ass you've been needing to finally wake up and stop letting your BS hold you back.
Are You Willing to Play?
This book is a game. A journey. An experience where you'll discover....
How going after what you want is the very thing that keeps you from getting it.The most common mental traps smart people fall for - and why your intelligence can be your greatest enemy.A simple mental switch you can flip that turns fear into your friend, allowing fear to propel you toward your goals rather than push you away from them.The myth of independence and how your desire for self-sufficiency is keeping you from true empowerment.One mental distinction unlike anything you've ever heard that automatically moves you into a growth and progress mind-set from a perfectionist, fixed mind-set.Why you will never get rid of your BS and why you should rejoice in that fact.And more...So Now You Have a Choice....
Would you rather be bound by your BS or use this book as but one tool to help you discover how to unleash your greatness?
The choice is yours.
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Derek Doepker


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