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Rasmus Broe

Ambience - The Library

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Welcome to the library where there’s a nice and quiet atmosphere. Perfect for deeply focused work. Little sounds of pages being turned, far away whispers and soft footsteps make for a chilled pleasant and productive soundscape.
Saga Sounds
Research has shown that sounds can have both a relaxing and stimulating effect on the brain. The ambience series from Saga Talks is a series of pleasant, varied soundscapes, which you can listen to when winding down, going to sleep, or focusing on work. A specially designed sound universe creates a calming atmosphere, also known as “ambience”, which you can enter when and where you want.
Saga Talks has created a series of different soundscapes and ambient environments in collaboration with sound designer and composer Rasmus Broe (f. 1975).
Saga Egmont
Rasmus Broe
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