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Maude Barlow

Still Hopeful - Lessons from a Lifetime of Activism (Unabridged)

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"Canada's best-known voice of dissent." - CBC

"It's time we listened to the Maude Barlows of the world." - CNN

In this timely book, Barlow counters the prevailing atmosphere of pessimism that surrounds us and offers lessons of hope that she has learned from a lifetime of activism. She has been a linchpin in three major movements in her life: second-wave feminism, the battle against free trade and globalization, and the global fight for water justice. From each of these she draws her lessons of hope, emphasizing that effective activism is not really about the goal, rather it is about building a movement and finding like-minded people to carry the load with you. Barlow knows firsthand how hard fighting for change can be. But she also knows that change does happen and that hope is the essential ingredient.
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ECW Press
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