The People's Republic of Chemicals, William Kelly, Chip Jacobs
William Kelly,Chip Jacobs

The People's Republic of Chemicals

Ten Days that Shook the World, John Reed
The Life and Masterworks of Salvador Dalí, Eric Shanes
Introducing Epigenetics, Cath Ennis
Hate Inc, Matt Taibbi
Matt Taibbi
Hate Inc
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The Battle For Paradise, Naomi Klein
Introducing Shakespeare, Nick Groom
Genome, Jerry E Bishop, Michael Waldholz
The Economy of Affordances, Joy Zhu
Francis Plug – How To Be A Public Author, Paul Ewen
Fucking Apostrophes, Simon Griffin
Introducing Literary Criticism, Owen Holland
Beautiful Rising, Dave Mitchell, Andrew Boyd, Juman Abujbara, Marcel Taminato
Amedeo Modigliani, David Herbert Lawrence, Carl Klaus, Jane Rogoyska, Frances Alexander
Story Without Meaning, Michael Stewart
On My Way To Liberation, H. Melt
Love Notes from a German Building Site, Adrian Duncan
Inside Iran, Medea Benjamin
Introducing Existentialism, Oscar Zarate, Richard Appignanesi
Creating Chaos, Larry Hancock
The Buddha in Jail, Cuong Lu
Cuong Lu
The Buddha in Jail
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