Sam Reddington

Self Help CBT Therapy Training Course: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Toolbox for Anger Management, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Sleep Disorders, Addictions and more

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Who else wants to be happy and relieved by fixing their own emotional & psychological issues?

Super easy, literally this CBT therapy can be done by adults,children and adolescents alike.

You don't need to a ton of cbt books/workbooks, audiobooks and video products to possess the right toolbox or fix to the issues bothering you. It just takes understanding of your problems, basic skills and strong will to actually do something about it-preferably today?

I will not waste your time today, forcing you to read several hundred pages of material unnecessarily – when all that you need can be concisely compressed into this book you hold in front of you.

Let us begin this journey today-that's right today, stop procrastinating, stop whining, and begin taking steps towards a better you! No need to be intimidated. The wonderful thing about CBT, is that it's not rocket science and you can finish the book and start tweaking your brain minutes from now.


- How to learn and decode Cognitive Behavioral Therapy- The fundamentals of CBT- Learn how to feel the way you think and the link between thoughts and feelings- Spotting  and correcting errors in your thinking such as:  Catastrophe thinking  All or nothing mentality  Crystal ball thinking  Mind reading mentality  Emotional incrimination mentality  Generalization thinking  Label giving mentality  Demand thinking  Filtered thinking  Negative focused thinking  Intolerable mentality  Me mentality- How to deal with harmful thoughts- Choosing constructive thinking alternatives- Be your own therapist and investigating your emotions- Pinpointing problem causes- Correct goal setting- Facing fear and anxiety, destroying depression and overcoming obsessions- Change your past and develop new beliefs- Overcome obstacles to your progress and maintaining your CBT gains – Working with Professionals

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