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Frugal Minimalist – How to Live More Optimally By Saving Money and De-Cluttering Your Life for Beginners

This book has a chance to change the way you live your life. Why? Because your life was meant to be something that’s more than just the rat race you are currently stuck in. This book wants to put an end to that and turn your life around in hopes that when it does, your life will not be so cluttered, penniless, or devoid of purpose and support. This book is not about practicing Zen or finding God. It is more about finding a way so that you can live within your means and still enjoy life. Read this book and discover two principles that can help you manage money and clutter through optimal living. This book will tell you why you need to live that way and how to live it through frugality and minimalism. Then this book will tell you how to apply both to save money and remove clutter. Don’t worry. The tips and suggestions in this book are both ideal and practical. They are not going to ask you to sell all you have and move to Tibet. On the contrary, they can be done by anyone who wants to begin living optimally.
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