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C. S Luis

The Bodyguard and the Heir

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Leaving the military for a less dangerous job as a bodyguard was all Nathan Manson was looking for. But tough and sometimes arrogant Nathan soon realized he was in over his head. Hired by rich Arthur Madison, a pharmaceutical giant in the competitive market, he was placed in charge of the highest of duties: protecting Arthur’s only son, Christian, the heir to the Madison fortune. But an attack on the heir’s mansion soon puts his life and Christian’s in jeopardy. Now Nathan must put all his training and skills to the test in order to save the millionaire. But it’s not his training that lacks; it’s his emotions and the affections he feels for the young man that are certain to get him killed.He must now put aside these very feelings, if he’s to save Christian, the one who’s stolen his heart.
C.S Luis


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