Mike McCallister

Steps To Finding Inner Peace And Happiness

Exhausted from carrying around negative energy all day? Discover the little touches that turn misery into tranquillity
Tired of being disappointed by those you thought you could trust? Plagued by failure and countless lost causes? Worried you might never escape the spiral of darkness? Writer, podcaster, and mindfulness expert Mike McCallister has dedicated himself to helping others learn day-to-day balance. And now he's here to shine light on bleak hearts and reveal the transformational power of unshakeable serenity.
Steps to Finding Inner Peace and Happiness: How to Find Peace and Happiness Within Yourself And Live Life Freely is an essential guide to actively attaining contentment. Through a regimen of positivity, accountability, and forgiveness, you'll soon be improving your environment inward as much as outward. And by redefining joy in an approach that's true to you, nothing will stand in the way of living a long and fulfilling life.
In Steps to Finding Inner Peace and Happiness, you'll discover:
How to declutter your space, relationships, and mind to leave room for brighter days aheadWays to regain stillness in busy office settings and guarantee you always remain calmThe best methods to set goals so they actually get achievedHow to embrace your core values and arrive at your genuine desiresUplifting real-world anecdotes, exercises, and much, much more!Steps to Finding Inner Peace and Happiness is an impeccable resource for rewriting your journey for the better, and the first instalment in the Buddha on the Inside series. If you like easy-to-follow advice, guidance that makes a difference, and wisdom that's applicable every day, then you'll love Mike McCallister's illuminating book.
Buy Steps to Finding Inner Peace and Happiness to seize the silver lining today!
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Mike McCallister


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