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Eric Malone

Influential Leadership

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Influential Leadership: The Comprehensive Guide on Leadership That Influence and Inspire Your People, Develop the Necessary Skills Needed to Empower Your People to Take Action and Get Results
Leadership is a topic that will typically interest businesses, managers, and CEOs. It is certainly very true that these are people who should try to understand what makes a good leader, and who can benefit from following leadership tips and advice.
An influential leader will know how to listen and make the child feel heard, while at the same time giving them space and the protection they need to grow. Being an influential leader is something that everyone should be capable of so that they can rise to the occasion when it arises.
In this audiobook, we will be addressing the concept of leadership. Learn to develop the necessary skills needed to influence and empower other people to get results and take action.
Here is the preview of what you’ll learn in this audiobook:
Who Should Be a Leader?What Makes a Good Leader?Communication SkillsHow to Command Respect and Speak So Others Will Listen The Crucial Importance of Emotional IntelligenceWhy It’s Important to Know Your TeamGetting the Most Out of Your TeamThe Power of OwnershipHow To Deal With Difficult DecisionsChallenges for Modern LeadersIn every relationship and certainly every group dynamic, there is a power structure. Being the leader means being the one who gets to call the shots, who decides the activity, and who takes responsibility. If you want to learn more, download a copy of Influential Leadership today!
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